Central agencies to supply all public services online next year

The Government has instructed ministries and central agencies to strive for level-3 e-supply of all public services which will permit users to fill in and send documents online to service providers.
According to an e-government resolution released yesterday to improve public service quality and effectiveness, ministries and central agencies will focus on administrative reform in association with IT application in management and supply of online public services in 2015-2017.
That aims to shorten document handling time and costs, reduce the number of procedures and simplify their contents.
Transactions in the process of handling documents and supplying services must be done online.
Payment of charges (if have) and receiving of results will take place directly at headquarters of service providers--level 3.
Some popular services related to many residents and businesses permit users to make charge payment online (if have). Result return might be performed online or via post offices--level 4.
The Government has also instructed to implement measures to supply public e-service at local agencies.
The resolution tasked the Government Office to work with ministries, central and local agencies, and provincial and municipal people’s committees to connect document management software together before January 1 next year.
They should establish a national portal to synthesize all public e-services of ministries and agencies and issue a list of services provided online at level 3 and 4 by the same deadline.

By Phan Thao – Translated by Hai Mien

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