Central provinces estimate damages after storm Doksuri

The central province of Ha Tinh September 19 reported the damages of deadly storm Doksuri with the estimates of VND6 trillion ($264 million), the 10th storm arising in the East Sea this year, made landfall on the province.

A house's roof was blown off in Quang Binh Province (Photo: SGGP)

A house's roof was blown off in Quang Binh Province (Photo: SGGP)

Though no death toll was reported in the storm, two died and 80 got injured during repairing houses and facilities.
Some 93,251 houses were partially destroyed as the roofs were blown off by the strong winds. 332 hectares of paddy field; 1,642 hectares of vegetables; 1,531 hectares of fruit trees; 1,337 hectares of aquatic breeding farms were wipe out.
Some 308 boats were destroyed. 18,303 hectares of trees were cut down; 66,885 cattle were found dead; 21 kilometers of embankment collapsed into river; 231 schools were devastated.
Two television towers, 16 phone masts were broken down. The terrible storms wreaked havoc with the electricity supplies because 159 kilometers of power lines were down. Total cost of damage is more than VND6 trillion.
By now, half of damaged houses with unroofs have been repaired. Most of schools in the province have started the new academic year. The province will make efforts to repair infirmaries and medical facilities to serve people’s demand at the soonest time.
The Fatherland Front in Ha Tinh Province received relief of VND11.9 billion and essential commodities from nine organizations, enterprises and benefactors in and outside the country to help locals in the storm-hit areas.
To provide timely to natural disaster victims, Ha Tinh authority sent its proposal to the Prime Minister and related agencies calling for provision of 3,000 tons of rice for residents in storm-struck districts which are in urgent need of food aid.
Moreover, Ha Tinh Province asked for VND40 billion to repair television posts and spending to buy 1,000 tons of rice and 37 tons of vegetables seedlings.
Additionally, the province needs money to buy drugs and 50,000 vaccine dozes for hand-foot disease prevention and chemical for disinfection.
The Steering Board for Disaster Prevention and rescue in the central province of Quang BInh today said the province has estimated damages after storm Doksuri at VND7,860 billion.
The deadly storm claimed two lies and injured 180. Some 1,978 hectares of vegetables; 3,207 ha of annual crops; 2,069 hectares of perennial trees and 6,610 hectares of rubber trees were destroyed. Some 317,913 cattle and poultry were killed. Some 229,5 hectares of aquatic farms were damaged.
Twenty third kilometer of roads were eroded and twelve bridges and drains were destroyed worth VND61 billion.
Accordingly, Quang BInh authority submitted its proposal of support of 5,000 tons of rice and VND30 billion to buy rice seedlings and veggies and VND750 billion to repair drainage, schools and medical clinic construction works.


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