Chief inspector aims at transparency at state agencies

Leader of the governmental inspection unit promises that the agency will try to make the responsibility of each state agency transparent to reduce corruption.

A sign at a tax office in District 1 reads ''Tax is people's money, contributed by people to serve their benefits''. Chief state inspector promises to curb corruption at state agencies (Photo: Minh Tri)

Huynh Phong Tranh, head of the State Inspectorate, said that the central missions of the agency in the new term of the government will include perfecting staff training, finishing inspections on time to create development opportunities for the society and the economy.

Tranh referred to a saying by late President Ho Chi Minh that “Inspectors are eyes and ears of upper people and friends of lower people,” promising he would try to build the inspection staff clean and strong.

He said inspectors have to always keep in mind that they are “the mirror for people to see themselves and blurred mirror wouldn’t be able to let people see clearly.”

The unit will try to instruct inspectors at ministries and at local governments to look over the operation of leaders at state-owned agencies.

It will actively support the central government in ordering ministries as well as city/provincial authorities to perform local inspections, in an effort to curb corruption nationwide, Tranh said.

Inspection is a complicated and sensitive job, and thus leading the governmental inspection agency is a great honor but a heavy responsibility, the unit leader said.

He said his job involves different sectors and is challenged by many objective and subjective factors.

But there’re also basic advantages, including well-experienced staff and the foundation of previous inspections with big achievements already recognized by the Party and the government, Tranh said.

The Law of Inspection established last year also gave the State Inspectorate in specific and inspectors in general more power and independence, he said, adding that the government is going to issue instructions to implement the law soon.

“I believed that with such advantages, inspection sector will develop well.”

The chief inspector also said the leadership of the Politburo, the central government and the solidarity within the sector would be other important factors to help him fulfill his job.

He said he will dig deeper into the demands and missions of the sector to manage the unit in the most logical and suitable ways.

Tranh also sets the requirements for the unit that the inspections have to be timely and come up with accurate, quality results to serve the benefits of the Party, the government and people.

He said all efforts by his unit will aim at the country’s common goal, that is to reduce corruption.

The officer also called for each Vietnamese person to actively report any corruption act during the government operation to help the country develop in a healthy environment and earn more creditworthiness from countries around the world.

By Tran Minh Truong – Translated by Cao Minh

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