Chinese Version of Viet Nam's Communist Party Website Launched

Vietnamese Communist Party has launched a Chinese version of its website at to improve communication and publish the news and information on Viet Nam's politics, culture and history, announced the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Tuesday.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Dao Duy Quat, Deputy Head of the Party Central Committee for Cultural and Ideological Affairs and Editor-in-chief of the online newspaper, said the Chinese page establishment is to meet the demands of nearly 1.5 billion Chinese and Chinese-speaking people in nearly 100 countries, who want to have more information about Viet Nam as well as its people and its reform process.

News and information related to Viet Nam will be updated throughout the day, comprehensively reflecting the country’s socio-economic and cultural situations, national defence, security and international events, showing the Nation's pursuit of a multilaterized and diversified foreign policy.

According to Huqian Wen, Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary of China, this will help promote mutual understanding and trust between the two peoples, and the friendship between the two countries, contributing to realizing the motto, " Long-lasting stability, looking toward the future, friendly neighborliness and comprehensive cooperation," and the spirit of " Good Neighbors, Good Friends, Good Comrades, and Good Partners," set by leaders of the two parties and states.

Source: CPV, Hanoi News - Compiled by Trong Khuong

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