City needs single water management body

Many experts have proposed to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment in Ho Chi Minh City to establish a special organ to uniformly manage water resources, which is presently under different organs.

City needs a single body to improve water management (Photo: SGGP)

They were speaking at a meeting of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment with various other departments on measures to improve and control management and effectively exploit water resources on July 9.

According to Nguyen Van Nga, head of Water and Mineral Resources Division under the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, there are too many organs in water resource management at present.

The Department alone has two divisions in charge, including the Water Resource Management Division and the Environment Protection Division.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible for water for agriculture and irrigation. The Department of Transport manages rivers, springs, ponds and canals. The Department of Health supervises household water.

Besides, the Steering Center for Urban Flood Control Program and district people’s committees are also authorized to manage water resources.

A representative from Binh Thanh District said that because there are too many organs attending to this task, the coordination is weak and ineffective.

By staff writers – Translated by Hai Mien

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