City to build two more freshwater factories

According to a plan for the Ho Chi Minh City's water supply development in 2017 and the coming years, the Ho Chi Minh City Transport Department said it will build two more freshwater factories by 2019.

Illustrative photo: SGGP

The constructions are expected to ensure freshwater sources for families living in outskirt districts of Binh Chanh, Hoc Mon, Cu Chi and district 12.

The department said that the two factories including Kenh Dong 2 and Thu Duc 4 will be respectively finished in 2018 and 2019 with the capacity of 550,000 meters cubic per day.

After putting into the operation, the factories will contribute in increasing maximum water supply capacity from 2.4 million to 2.95 million meters cubic per day.

The city has also called on local residents to use freshwater sources, and reduce the exploitation of groundwater. 

By Binh Le- Translated by Huyen Huong

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