College staffs in public companies receive low pay

There is a paradox in the country that college or university employees in state-run companies receive lower salary than their manual peers.

The monthly basic income of workers in Zone 1 covering urban Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is VND2.7 million (US$127.5), while it is VND1.9 million (US$89.7) in Zone 4.

Monthly average basic salary is the minimum payment that unskilled employees receive while employees who are trained in private schools get higher, an increase of seven percent compared to the minimum basic salary.

According to the National Wage Council, it is estimated that the minimum wage is just enough to cover 65 percent of monthly living expenses; therefore, the wage council suggests hiking minimum wages by VND300,00-400,000 (US$14.1-18.9) next year and it is good news for laborers.

However, state-run employees do not benefit from the wage hike. Students who graduated from colleges or universities receive their first basic salary of VND1,150,000 (US$54.3) per month while laborers have complained their VND2.7 million basic salary is not enough to cover the monthly expense

It is unfair that after four year study in a college or university, students receive a pay less than that manual unskilled workers.

Accordingly, improper salary is one of reason that state-run staffs try all means to earn extra income.


By Manh Hoa – Translated by Anh Quan

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