Commemorative Activities to Mark Nguyen Van Cu’s 95th Birthday

Commemorative activities have recently been organized in Bac Ninh Province to mark the 95th anniversary of Nguyen Van Cu’s birthday, the late General Secretary of the Communist Party of Viet Nam from 1938 to 1940.

Portrait of the late general secretary Nguyen Van Cu
On July 09 at the Nguyen Van Cu Political School in the northern province of Bac Ninh, a meeting was held by the Provincial Committee of the Party, the People’s Council and People’s Committee of the Province to formally commemorate the day.

Present at the meeting were Mr. Le Kha Phieu, former General Secretary, Mr. Truong Tan Sang, member of the Politburo cum standing member of the Secretariat of the Committee, Mr. Nguyen The Thao, Secretary of the Bac Ninh Provincial Committee of the Party and representatives of central and local organizations, branches and agencies.

In a speech to honor Mr. Nguyen Van Cu’s merits and contributions to the Vietnamese revolutionary cause, Mr. Nguyen The Thao said that Nguyen Van Cu was an excellent ideologist and a talented politician, who set a good example by being eager to learn, overcoming hardships and growing up through revolutionary struggles.
He left many precious lessons about the Vietnamese revolution, absolute revolutionary spirit, criticism, and self-criticism and about the blood and flesh relationship between the people and revolutionary forces.

He has more than 100 descendants, many of whom are now professors, associate professors, doctors, and successful businesspersons. Some of whom have been awarded with medals by a range of over 40 party seniority.

Also in the province yesterday, the Provincial Committee of the Party, the People’s Council and the People’s Committee of the Province participated in an incense offering ceremony at the Nguyen Van Cu commemorative site in Phu Khe Commune, Tu Son District.

The Dong Trieu Co. Ltd. coordinated with Mao Khe in the Dong Trieu Ward and with the Ho Chi Minh Institute (Ho Chi Minh National Political Institute) to arrange a separate commemorative event to mark the late General Secretary’s birthday.

On July 9, a workshop named, “Role of late General Secretary Nguyen Van Cu in the Vietnamese revolution and his relations with Quang Ninh mine workers” took place.

During the workshop, scholars exchanged ideas about writings on Nguyen Van Cu’s life and career such as “Nguyen Van Cu, Vietnamese Revolution’s Preeminent Leader” and “Nguyen Van Cu with the Establishment of Party’s Bases” and the “Revolutionary Movements in Coal- mining Areas”.

Before taking part in the workshop, delegates offered incense in front of a statue of Nguyen Van Cu, that sits at the historical site of Non Dong pagoda.
Nguyen Van Cu was born into an intellectual family on July 09 1912 in Phu Khe Commune, Tu Son Ward, Bac Ninh Province. He took part in revolutionary activities from the age of 15.

In 1929, he became leader of the worker campaign and the communist campaign in the Dong Bac coal-mining area, an area that had the highest number of workers at the time.

In 1930, Nguyen Van Cu set up the Vietnamese Communist Party cell in the Mao Khe mine, the first of its kind in the Quang Ninh coal-mining area.

In 1938, the people elected him as General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Indochina Communist Party (now the Communist Party of Viet Nam). He is the youngest general secretary to date in Viet Nam.

General Secretary Nguyen Van Cu was the first to give prominence to the spirit of criticism and self-criticism among party members through the writing of his book “ Self- criticism” (July 1939), which aimed to enhance the strength of the Party.

Nguyen Van Cu and the Executive Board of the Central Party at the time made very important decisions to settle relationships about issues relating to the people, class, party building and revolutionary strategies and methods in the new situation, leading to the glorious victory of the August revolution in the autumn of 1945.

In 1940, Nguyen Van Cu was arrested by the French colonist authorities arrested and was then executed on 26 August 1941.

Source TTXVN – Translated by Phuong Lan

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