Committee for Catholic Solidarity Marks Christmas 2007

The Committee for Solidarity of Vietnamese Catholics held a meeting in Ha Noi on December 21 to celebrate the upcoming Christmas.

Huynh Dam, Vice President and General Secretary of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front Central Committee and representatives from the Party Central Committee’s Mass Mobilisation Commission and the Government Committee for Religious Affairs attended the meeting.

Priest Nguyen Tan Khoa, President of the Committee for Solidarity of Vietnamese Catholics, hailed the new development steps in all areas made by the Viet Nam Catholic Church in 2007.

The living conditions of Catholic people nationwide have been much improved, while their religious activities have seen a boom with the building an upgrading of new places of warship and the ordination of more priests. Catholic training establishments also regularly open new courses.

The Committee called on Catholic people nationwide and Vietnamese Catholics abroad to make all efforts to contribute to the homeland’s socio-economic development.

Vice President Huynh Dam, on behalf of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front Central Committee, wished Vietnamese Catholics a merry Christmas season.

He praised the Committee for Solidarity of Vietnamese Catholics’ achievements in the recent past, saying that he believed the committee would continue to contribute to strengthening the all-people great unity bloc to strive for the goal of a strong country, a democratic, equal and civilised society.

Source: VNA

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