Czech Republic and Poland Open to Vietnamese Workers

Vietnamese workers can now be employed in the Czech Republic and Poland, if they can earn enough money to cover expenses for their trip.

Poland needs many workers for its construction industry

Viet Nam now can export workers to two new labor markets, the Czech Republic and Poland, said Nguyen Ngoc Quynh, Director of the Department for Management of Vietnamese Labors Working Abroad under the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Welfare.

The two markets now desperately need foreign workers, especially Poland, which is to host the upcoming European Football Championships 2012. 

Quynh revealed the two markets offer the lowest monthly salary grade, by Viet Nam’s classes, around US$660 for each worker. For overtime, workers are to get around US$3.30 for each extra hour. Foreign workers are provided with free boarding, means of transport and a one-way air ticket equivalent to US$850.

According to Tourism and Labor Export Company (TLEC) Deputy-Director Hoang Van Hung, the Czech Republic and Poland need hundreds of thousands more foreign workers each year. At present, four Vietnamese labor-export companies are allowed to sign labor supply contracts with the two European nations covering industries like construction, welding, electricity, electronics and general unskilled labor.

As to the supply of workers to the labor market in Poland, Hung said his company has contracts to recruit 100 welders and electricians who will earn monthly salaries of US$1,000 and scheduled to arrive in Poland by January 2008.

Nguyen Xuan Vui, Director of Airseco, another labor-export company, pointed out that the cost a worker has to cover for a working trip to the Czech Republic or Poland are rather high, at around US$6,000. Besides an intermediary charge paid to the labor export company, each worker must pay US$2,000 for service fees, US$850 for one-way air ticket and US$1,700 for visa costs.

Another labor export company, Simco, sets out a package program covering all such expenses at a cost of VND112 million (almost US$7,000) for unskilled workers heading to either of the two countries.

Said expenses do not include money each worker must deposit in escrow to guarantee for his or her return to Viet Nam upon termination of their employment contract.

To help more Vietnamese workers to go to the two EU nations, the Department for Management of Vietnamese Labors Working Abroad has urged the four major labor-export companies to reduce migrant laborers costs wherever feasible with a target of US$6,000 for all expenses, added Quynh.

According to Quynh, there are now some 400 Vietnamese guest workers in the Czech Republic.

By Duc Binh (Tuoi Tre) – Translated by Phuong Lan

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