Dakr’Tih River dammed for hydropower project

The Dakr’Tih River has been successfully dammed, ready for the construction of a reservoir for the Dakr’Tih hydropower project.

Installation & Mechanized Construction joint Stock Company No9 (Licogi9) is constructing a reservoir for the Dakr’Tih hydropower project (Photo SGGP)

The project will generate power in the fourth quarter of 2010 and be completed in the second quarter of 2011.

Dakr’ Tih hydroelectric plant, a strategic national construction project worth VND4,2 billion ($220 million), has been under construction since 2006 in the Dakr’ Lap District of Dak Nong Province by General Construction Company No.1 No 1 at Nghia Phu Ward, Gia Nghia Town, in the Central Highlands province of Dak Nong..

The project contains two cascades: an upper cascade, Dakr’Tih 1, and a lower cascade, Dakr’Tih 2.

Dakr’Tih 1 - 2 x 41 MW - features four earth filled dams - the largest 56 meters high, an ogee gated spillway, three connecting canals, 1400 meter long canal, intake, steel penstock, and above-ground powerhouse and switchyard.

Dakr’Tih 2 - 2 x 29.5 MW - features a spillway, intake, 2700 meter long circular concrete lined power tunnel, cylinder surge tank, circular steel penstock, and an above-ground powerhouse and switchyard.
The VND4,2 billion project will produce 641.1 million kWh per year, with a total capacity of 144MW.
DakR’Tih will both supply electricity and contribute water for thousands of hectares of vegetable farms.


By D.Thanh – Translated by Thanh Huong

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