Danang: Industrial activities cause environment pollution

Over the past years, the Danang’s industrial activities made significant contribution to the stable development of the city’s socio-economy, however, in the development process, the industrial manufacturing activities has affected surrounding environment.

Exhaust fumes from the Viet Hung Tuan Joint Stock Company's rubber - burning factory of at Hoa Hiep Bac Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City. (Photo:SGGP)

Thousand households at Hiep Hoa Bac Ward, Lien Chieu District are living with exhaust fumes pollution from factories. Although polluting factories were warmed, punished, even revoked business licenses, however, they continue causing environment pollution.

Smoke and dust from the Viet Hung Tuan Joint Stock Company’s rubber burning factory of at the Hiep Hoa BacWard, bringing rubber smell burning, has adverse impact on the atmosphere daily activities of local people.

Dust polluted areas changed depending on wind’s direction and speed, mainly 50 households at the collective housing area of the Song Da repairing mechanics enterprise which far nearly 500 meters from the factory’s chimney.

Nguyen Tan Duy, 31, living at the collective housing area said three years since the factory established, it seriously affected all households’ lives and daily activities.

People can not eat and rest when they smell rubber smell burning in the early morning and at the end the day, Duy said.

The environment pollution is still increasing by exhaust fumes from several companies in the ward, said Tran Ngoc Doanh, a resident at the ward.

Ho Cong Ngoc, the ward’s No.25 group leader, said many elders and children get diseases related breathing, asthma.

With exhaust fumes, thousands of households have to use water which is polluted by large amount of industrial waste water discharged from factories for daily activities, said Ngoc.

Nguyen Thi Ha at the ward’s No.25 group, said she has to buy fresh water with VND400,000 (US$21) per month because water takes from wells become yellow after one or two hours and smell fishy.

According to leaders of the Hiep Hoa Bac Ward People’s Committee, there are more than 40 factories operating in the area. Among them, there are six factories polluting serious environment such as Hai Van Cement Company, Ngu Hanh Son Cement Company, Viet Hung Tuan Joint Stock Company, Suc Tre Paper Manufacturing Company, Thinh Phu Paper Manufacturing Company.

To deal with the local authorities, many factories strengthen to operate night time.

Huynh Xuan, head of the Lien Chieu District’s Department of Natural Resource and Environment said the department revoked licenses and paper of pledging environment protection of the Viet Hung Tuan Joint Stock Company due to its violation environment protection rules in August, 2009. However, the company continues leaving polluted exhaust fumes.

Department of Natural Resource and Environment’s Inspectors in Da Nang City checked and temporary stop some polluting factories at the Hiep Hoa Bac Ward, however, many factories still continued polluting environment intentionally, said Xuan.

The Suc Tre Paper Manufacturing Company was fined VND22 million ($1,200) for its environment violation, however, it still continues violating environment protection so far, said Xuan.

Lacking solution within tackling polluting companies caused thousands of households living with sniff exhaust fumes in the morning, sniff dust in the evening.

It is hard to Da Nang to become an environmental friendly city in 2020.

By Nguyen Hung, translated by Thuy Tram

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