Delegates elect members of Party Central Committee

Delegates to the 11th National Party Congress cast their ballots to elect members of the Party Central Committee by the end of January 17, the sixth working day of the Congress.

Earlier, Ho Duc Viet, Politburo member, Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Head of its Commission for Organisation, presented an overall report on candidacy, nomination and withdrawals from candidacy and nomination for personnel for the 11 th Party Central Committee.

After discussion, all delegates unanimously agreed on the lists of candidates for the 11 th Party Central Committee, including 218 candidates to elect 175 official members and 61 candidates to elect 25 alternative members.

The congress also elected a board for vote checking with 19 members.

Leaders of the Party and State and the delegation from Da Nang city.

Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh chaired the Congress Presidium’s sessions.

In the morning session, the delegates debated the criteria, structure, and the list of candidates to the 11th Party Central Committee alongside studying documents and records of those nominated persons.

They also made supplementary nomination to the list proposed by the 10th Party Central Committee.

The afternoon session was for any nominees who wanted to withdraw their candidacy or nomination for the 11th Party Central Committee to make their applications.

The Presidium met at the end of the morning session and the beginning and the end of the afternoon session to sum up the results.

The Presidium also gave explanations to opinions sent by delegates concerning the Congress documents and issues in these documents that are subject to voting.

As scheduled, the delegates will continue to work on the personnel plan for the 11th Party Central Committee on January 17.

At their meeting on January 15, the delegates unanimously agreed that the 11th Party Central Committee will comprise 175 official and 25 alternate members.

Source Nhandan

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