Disaster Relief Contributions Must be Voluntary, Decree Says

The government has issued a decree which requires that contributions given to support communes hit with natural disasters must be voluntary.

Decree No 64/2008 regulates the organization, mobilization, distribution, and use of contributions made to help communes recover from natural calamities, fire, or breakdowns, or to assist patients with life-threatening conditions.

Such contributions should be made only when natural calamities or other serious problems cause large-scale damage to people or property. The contributions must be voluntary and given on the basis on generosity.  Government agencies and organizations may not enforce a minimum contribution rule. 

The following organizations are permitted to raise money for disaster relief and to distribute such funds: The Presidium of the Central Committee of Vietnamese Fatherland Front, the Vietnamese Fatherland Front chairperson at provincial and district level, Vietnamese Red Cross, legal charities and social funds, mass communication offices, central and local units, and organizations permitted by the Central Committee of Vietnamese Fatherland Front.

By Lam Nguyen - Translated by Nguyen Thanh Huong.

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