“Doi moi” an urgent demand of the nation

Nearly 25 years ago, when Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee General Secretary Truong Chinh (the fifth tenure) initiated the “doi moi” (renovation) policy, Politburo member Nguyen Van Linh and Vice Chairman of the Ministers’ Council Vo Van Kiet expressed their determination for renovation in their speeches at the sixth Party Congress in Hanoi on December 15, 1986.

“Renovation helps us identify the truth”

The file photo shows late Party General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh meeting with delegates at the sixth Party Congress in Hanoi in December 1986.

(Brief excerpt from the opening speech of Politburo member and Standing member of the Party Secretariat Nguyen Van Linh at the sixth Party Congress, at which he was elected Party General Secretary. He passed away in 1998.)

In the past several years, our Party has gained significant achievements in building socialism and safeguarding the fatherland. Those achievements were reflected in many good examples in socio-economic development in many provinces and cities. Recently, many Party units, the public organizations, and overseas Vietnamese have contributed their opinions to the Party’s political report and conducted many practical activities to welcome the sixth Party Congress.

However, besides the positive results, we should look at the other side of the situation, especially in economic and social aspects. In fact, the country has been facing sluggishness in production and problems in goods distribution and circulation. The life of people has become difficult and some negative issues have emerged, undermining the public’s confidence in the Party’s leadership.  Therefore, we must take action soon to change the situation in order to stabilize and develop the economy and improve the life of people.  

To this end, this Congress must create a renovation in thinking and reasoning, then in the fields of organization and personnel. “Doi moi” is really an urgent demand of our country presently.

Only with “doi moi” can we identify the reality of the situation correctly and sufficiently, thereby finding out solutions to develop our strength and correct our mistakes and shortcomings.  “Doi moi” will help us to apply Marxism-Leninism for our country creatively and properly, thereby making the best use of the people’s dynamism, creativity and potential to develop the national economy, build socialism and protect the country. 

To pave way for renovation, we must fight against the backward thinking, the sluggish and conservative thought, the inflexible dogma, the reckless subjectivism, and the retrograde and degenerate elements. Briefly, “doi moi” is a challenging revolution, which requires great efforts of all of us.

In the reports to be presented at this Congress, the Party Central Committee (PCC) concretizes the renovation policy by introducing three major economic programs covering food, consumer goods and export goods. The Committee also launched a campaign to enhance the strength of Party units, improve the efficiency of the State apparatus, drive back and eliminate negative elements, and practice social equality...

”Doi moi” is a process that takes a long time to complete. During the process, we must continue finding out, fostering and promoting new positive elements to ensure that the renovation will develop steadily and efficiently. Traditionally, our people are brave, intelligent, creative and rich in revolutionary spirit, so they will welcome the resolutions to be passed by this Congress and will contribute to implementing those resolutions.

We have paid a dear cost in the past ten years for the understandings and experience we have today; and we have been mature enough to carry out a renovation. It is certain that our Party and people will continue gaining greater achievements in socialist building and national construction.

Socialist democracy to create new momentum

The file photo shows late Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet talking with ethnic minority residents in Chu Pa District, Gia Lai Province in 1996.

(Brief excerpt from the report on the country’s 1986-1990 socio-economic development plan presented by Politburo member and Vice Chairman of the Ministers’ Council Vo Van Kiet at the sixth Party Congress in 1986. He died in 2008.)

The country’s socio-economic situation is developing complicatedly but dynamically. In coping with the difficult conditions of the economy, many sectors and businesses have tried to seek ways to survive and have got a valuable experience: bringing into play the people’s potential and creativity.

Indeed, when socialist democracy is really brought into life, then effective measures to boost the socio-economic development will be found.  Recently, we have spoken a lot about mistakes and shortcomings that we need to correct with a strong determination. However, we have also recognized a positive factor that emerged in social and economic activities. That factor is that the capability of a part of the people and Party members have been improved, creating a mainstay for our Party to overcome challenges to gain new achievements.

With the concept of “people-oriented politics,” our Party always treats the people as a foundation for development. The nation’s revolutions have proved that when any Party units and government agencies gained the people’s confidence, then they could overcome all difficulties and operate successfully. That lesson should be applied in the course of building the socialist economy…

To improve the current difficult situation, the Party and Government must consistently carry out the following important measures:

First, the economy must be restructured in accordance with the socio-economic conditions and characteristics of the country; and capital and other resources should be used preferentially for developing key products and projects.

Second, it is a must to improve the economic management mechanism and renovate the working style. Regarding personnel policies, it is necessary to appoint talents to the right positions and to replace cadres who fail to meet required qualifications.

Third, bureaucracy must be eliminated and necessary laws and rules must be established to govern social and economic activities; and the principle that “every Party member is equal before Party discipline” and “every citizen is equal before the law” must be applied effectively. In addition, strict punishment must be given to wrongdoers and law-breakers including speculators.

Fourth, the Party should launch a campaign to improve its leadership capability, enhance the operational efficiency of the State apparatus, fight wrongdoings within the Party and in the society, and practice social equality in every aspect. 

And the last, revolutionary movements of the masses must be set up to contribute to the implementation of the above-mentioned solutions.

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By Thao Nguyen – Translated by Mai Hung

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