Dong Hoi Airport to be expanded

The Ministry of Transport has approved the detailed planning in the period up to 2030 of Dong Hoi airport in the central province of Quang Binh where famous tourist spots such as Phong Nha, Ke Bang and Son Doong cave are located.

(Illustrative Photo: SGGP)

(Illustrative Photo: SGGP)

According to the plan, from now to 2020, Dong Hoi airport will retain its existing passenger terminal. By 2030, it will have a new railway station in the Southeast with 2 elevations to meet the capacity of 3 million passengers per year.

The master plan also includes the North West reserve area for another terminal with capacity of 3 million passengers per year to be built for the next phase.

For the area, by 2030, the Dong Hoi airport will maintain its existing landing road, ensuring the operation of the A320 / A321 aircrafts and the equivalent, with reserve land to extend the runway to reach the length of 3,000m when needed.

A rolling system, a parallel track will be built by 2030, with a reserve of land to be able to lengthen the parallel track to extend the runway up to 3,000 meters. According to the master plan, by 2030, Dong Hoi airport will ensure 12 positions for aircraft stationing and reserve land of development in the northwest area of the airport.

Thus, Dong Hoi airport by that time will have a capacity of six times in comparison to the current capacity.

Together with the approval of the master plan, Transport Minister Nguyen Van The also assigned the Vietnam Airlines General Corporation (ACV) to expeditiously complete the design dossier for the extension of Dong Hoi airport so that the work on expanding the airport can be implemented right at the end of  this year.

Representatives of Vietnam Aviation Administration said that Dong Hoi airport is now reaching a capacity of 470,000 passengers, close to designed capacity of 500,000 passengers per year. Previously, on April, 2018, FLC Group has proposed to participate in construction, investment and upgrading Dong Hoi airport. The group is also planning to acquire the Dong Hoi airport as the base airport for the newly established Bamboo Airways which has just been licensed by the government.

translated by Dan

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