Electricity consumption in Mekong delta rises

Electricity consumption in the Mekong delta averagely rises by 10.7 percent during 2010-2018, according to a seminar organized by GreenID Company and the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations in the Mekong delta City of Can Tho yesterday.

A wind power in the Mekong delta (Photo; H.H)

A wind power in the Mekong delta (Photo; H.H)

Furthermore,  electricity consumption in the region is forecast to rise by 2.6 times by 2030, equivalent to 65 billion of kilowatt hours.
At the seminar, experts in the energy field said that more and more industrial parks have been registered in the Mekong delta leading to increase in energy consumption mostly electricity.
Specifically, during 2010-2018, electricity consumption in the Mekong delta averagely increased 10.7 percent and industries consumed most accounting for 47 percent.
To meet demand of electricity and energy sustainable development for the region, experts presented three hypothetical situations. They said that electricity development for the Mekong delta needs to rely on the region’s potential and advantages with the heed to renewable energy exploitation.


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