Employment creation, poverty household decrease most important task

In an online meeting held by the Ministry of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs on January 6, employment creation and poverty household decrease are the most important target for 2014.

The meeting proposed targets for 2014 including employment creation for 1.6 million people; vocational training provision to 1.7 million people and poverty household slide by 2 percent. Moreover, it should raise living condition of beneficiaries of social policies and families in serving the cause of the nation’s revolution.

The meeting reviewed achievements and shortcoming of last year. In 2013, more than 1.5 million laborers are in employment, accounting for 96.45 percent of the target. Of whom, 1.4 million laborers worked in local enterprises and 88,155 people went abroad to labor. More than 1.7 million were provided vocational training including 450,000 laborers in rural areas.

In addition, the rate of poor households reduced to 7.8 percent and 82 percent of disadvantaged children are taken care. The percentage of poverished children was down to 5.6 and most of children below six years old can access to free-of-charge medical services in public clinics.

The shortcoming of the year 2013 are that many laborers were still seeking jobs; workers face difficulties due to their low income; laborers’ skill can not meet the employment market and enterprises; there is a big gap between regions.

Attending the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said the sector should focus on employment management, vocational training and labor export. In 2014, concerned agencies should be more determined in dress some labor export companies which collect higher than regulated level. Names of these companies will be publicized on media. 

Moreover, the sector has to take care of families in serving the cause of the nation’s revolution and fight against drug and prostitution.

By TTX - Translated by Kim Chi

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