EVN ensures steady power supply in April

Following orders issued by the Government, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has instructed power corporations not to cut off electricity during the month of April and to ensure a steady power supply throughout the month.

The second engine unit of the Son La Hydropower Plant about to generate electricity in April (Photo: Chinhphu.vn)

EVN, the largest power company in Vietnam, said it would mobilize all electricity resources including thermal power to meet with the demand.

EVN said that water levels in large hydropower plant reservoirs are 3.5-11 meters lower than in the same period last year. As a result, the power supply from the hydropower plants will be affected.

The company expects to be able to supply 310 million kWh of power per day in April.

During April, EVN would try to generate power from its second unit of the Son La Hydropower Plant with a capacity of 400MW and from the first unit of the An Khe-KaNak Hydropower Plant with an 80MW capacity.

Moreover, the second phase of the Uong Bi Thermalpower Plant will be put into trial operation using coal.

By exploiting various available new power resources, EVN said it hoped to make up for the power shortage of billions of kWh in the remaining months of the dry season.

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By staff writers – Translated by Hai Mien

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