Experts oppose less bus service

The plan of Ha Noi's transport authority to cut bus services during rush hour to reduce traffic congestion has been opposed by several traffic experts.

Traffic jams often occur during rush hours on the Xuan Thuy–Cau Giay route in Ha Noi. The plan to cut bus services during rush hour to reduce traffic congestion has been opposed by several traffic experts. (Photo: VNA/VNS)

During a meeting on finding ways to reduce traffic jams last Friday, Colonel Dao Vinh Thang, chief of Ha Noi Police Department's road and railways traffic police division, suggested a new plan to the city's transport department. He said the frequency of buses travelling through places that experienced the worst traffic jams in the Nguyen Trai-Khuat Duy Tien route and the Xuan Thuy – Cau Giay route should be temporally reduced during rush hour. He said these buses should travel on a longer route.

Agreeing with this idea, Director of Ha Noi's transport department Vu Van Vien said even though buses carried several passengers, they were also one of the reasons for traffic jams during rush hour.

He said fewer buses might mean that passengers would have to wait for more than 20 minutes instead of five to 10 minutes, but it was still better than spending hours in traffic jams.

However, some transport experts said reducing the number of buses during rush hour was against the world's key traffic principles.

Xuan Thuy, a researcher of urban traffic for 30 years, said the city should increase the frequency of buses during rush hour, because if more people used buses, more would not use their private vehicles that caused congestion.

He said more than 1,000 buses operated in this city of 10 million people, which was a very modest number.

He said to resolve traffic jams, besides developing public transport such as buses, and the metro, Ha Noi should control the rate of progress of key traffic projects.

The city should also limit the number of taxis and private vehicles during rush hour or guide them to travel on longer routes.

Tran Dang Hai, chief inspector of Ha Noi's transport department, said the municipal transport department should create favourable conditions to allow buses to operate as per schedules. He said it was necessary to reduce the number of private cars during rush hour.

Ha Noi reportedly receives nearly 15,000 new motorbikes and 4,000 new cars every month.

Source: VNS

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