Facilitating Business Activities Enriches the Country: PM

Recently, Prime Minister Phan Van Khai has said that he wanted to hand over power to a successor. On the sidelines of the 11th NA’s ninth session, the PM talked with the press about this matter and his concerns for the national economy and the fight against corruption.

Prime Minister Phan Van Khai answers questions of the press

An old hand in the government will be nominated as new PM

* Sai Gon Giai Phong Newspaper: Mr. Prime Minister, who will be your successor in the next term?

* PM Phan Van Khai: It will be decided by the government. I have only one vote for my successor to the PM post.

* SGGP Newspaper: Recently, you’ve said that you will introduce a deputy minister, who had worked with you for many years, to the NA for the PM post. Could you please tell us who he is?

* So it is quite clear (smile). I myself had worked as a deputy minister for six years before appointed as the PM.

* Bloomberg Magazine: It is said by many sources that you introduced Deputy Minister Nguyen Tan Dzung to be new PM?

* I did not say that exactly. I just said that an experienced and well-disciplined person in the government will be nominated.

* Thanh Nien Newspaper: In the time ahead, how do you wish to see the reforms be continued to facilitate business activities and accelerate development?

* Improving business environment is one of the important tasks of the government. The task will be more difficult if we enter the World Trade Organization. So we must adapt ourselves. Facilitating business activities of the people and enterprises is the only way to enrich the country.

* SGGP Newspaper: Mr. PM, are you content with what you’ve done in your terms?

* What pleases me the most is that I’ve contributed to the development of our country during my two terms. However, I cannot say that I completed my tasks. The achievements have always been accompanied by the shortcomings. A soldier is said to having performed his duties with his fatherland only when he fell down on the battlefield.

There will be a deputy minister in charge of anti-corruption

* Tien Phong Newspaper: Mr. PM, we cannot deny what we’ve achieved in the past. But many show their concerns that the fight against corruption is not strong and drastic enough?

* It is no wonder if the people are concerned about corruption and wastefulness. But as Deputy Minister Nguyen Tan Dzung has said, the fight against corruption should start from prevention. Many countries have sufficient legal frameworks defining clear duties of civil servants, so corruption is easily controlled. But in Viet Nam, prevention is the best solution. Any discovered case should be strictly dealt with without any exception. Corruption can be prevented if the work of public servants is publicized.

* Tien Phong Newspaper: The government’s report presented to the NA says that a central board on anti-corruption will be established. How will it work?

* According to the Law on Anti-Corruption, the PM will be the head of anti-corruption board. But there will be also a deputy minister in charge of anti-corruption and a steering committee, including all members of the State and Party, with representatives from the committees of the Party, the NA, the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuracy, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Government Inspectorate. I hope that the board will help with the fight against corruption.

* Thank you.


By Van-Minh-Ha – Translated by Thuy Hang

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