FAO selects Vietnam as among best hunger fighters

Vietnam has been selected by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as one of the four most successful countries in reducing the number of hungry people, together with Armenia, Brazil and Nigeria.

In the “Pathways to Success” report that was published before the World Food Summit, FAO analyzed the examples of these four countries, which represent 31 countries that have succeeded in the battle against hunger and poverty.

Based on these examples, the report shows that success in reducing hunger depends on four main factors, including creation of an enabling environment for economic growth and human wellbeing, outreach to the most vulnerable and investment in the rural poor, protection of achievements, and planning for a sustainable future.

“Vietnam coupled its open market policies with significant investment in a nationwide social security system which provides financing for health care, pensions for retirees and support for the temporarily unemployed,” the report says.

A nationwide social security system, investment in rural infrastructure and several targeted programs of direct benefit to vulnerable mountain people have enabled Vietnam to cut its poverty gap ratio (USD1.25 per day base) from 24 percent in 1993 to 11 percent in 2002, while simultaneously integrating the economy into global markets.

The report also cited as example Nigeria ’s National Special Program for Food Security that helps it double agricultural production and income for farmer households.

FAO General Director Jacques Diouf said through these examples, the report wants to send out a message that the battle against hunger and poverty can absolutely be successful once strong commitments of developing countries’ governments and international support are well in place.

The World Food Summit will take place in Italy from Nov.16-18, with the main focus on promoting agricultural production and stepping up the fight against poverty.

Source: VNA

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