Farm Land Aggregation Restricted

The National Assembly Standing Committee has passed a resolution aimed at limiting speculation in and aggregations of agricultural lands in the hands of single owners, whether individuals or organizations.

The limit for forest production land is 50 hectares (Photo: U.Phuong)

The resolution, which takes effect July 1, deals with holders of agricultural land use rights in excess of regulated limits by limiting the amount of land use rights that can be received or transferred and by subjecting holders of agricultural land use rights to much higher fees for those areas of land beyond the allowed limits.
The Standing Committee has also asked the Government to study and issue instructions on further dealing with the issue.
Asked by members of the committee whether limits on receiving or transferring agriculture land use rights were reasonable, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Mai Ai Truc, said the limits in the resolution were computed by the Government based on the country’s stage of development.
The new resolution provides that receipt or transfer of agricultural land use rights used for annual horticultural, aquaculture, or salt-making land could not exceed 6 hectares in centrally administered cities, provinces in the nation’s southeastern region and in the Mekong Delta region. For other centrally administered cities and provinces, the limit would be 4 hectares.
For seasonal or perennial horticultural land, the limits could not exceed 20 ha in the lowland and 50 ha in mountainous areas.
For forest production land, the limits could not exceed 50 ha in lowland areas and 100 ha in midland or mountainous areas.
In the next few days the National Assembly Standing Committee will also discuss the implementation of the Law on Legal Aid and the Ordinance on Execution of Judgments, as well as hear opinions on whether to establish anti-corruption steering committees in centrally administered cities and provinces.

Source: VNA

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