Farmers hit by natural disasters to receive support from Gov't

The government has issued a decree on supporting farmers in areas which ravaged by natural disasters to restore agricultural production.

As per the decree, government plans to compensate VND30 million per hectare for the loss of agricultural production, VND20 million for forestry production in one hectare and VND60 million per hectare for seafood production.

Additionally, the government will pay compensation to farmers who must kill cattle or poultry because of disease. Farmers will receive VND38,000 as compensation for a kilogram of pigs; VND45,000 a kilogram for cattle and VND35,000 a waterfowl.

The government will pay salt farmers who have been suffered 70 percent of loss compensation of VND1.5 million in a hectare and VND1 million year hectare for those who suffered losses below 70 percent.
The decree clearly says that the government will give cash or seeds to farmers.

By Phan Thao - translated by Uyen Phuong

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