Farmers in Gia Lai Province Lose Profit Before Tet

Farmers in Gia Lai Province are suffering from drop in vegetable prices before the Lunar New Year.

Prices have heavily declined for some vegetables: choy sum at VND500-1,000 per kilo, scallions VND2,000 per kilo, green beans VND3,500 per kilo and cabbage VND1,000 per kilo. 

These low prices force farmers to burn their crops.  The cost of growing escalated much higher than profit. Crops are normally planted in lunar November and supply markets until lunar December 20.

Ochna integerrima growers in Pleiku City, An Khe Town and Ayun Pa also suffered heavy losses due to climate change.  Thousands of pots bloomed early due to climate change, losing billions of VND.

By Duc Trung – Translated by Thuy Doan

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