Finance Ministry advocates motorbike toll collection halt

The Ministry of Finance has sent a document to the Government Office, agreeing with the proposal to suspend collection of road maintenance fee on motorbikes which is considered impossible.
According to the ministry, motorbikes are mobile asset and not obligatory to register with authorized agencies. It is not mandatory that drivers must be owners of vehicles.

Many people have studied and worked in large cities with motorbikes registered in their hometowns, making it hard to control the number of vehicles and collect the fee.

In addition, sanctions to those not paying the fee are still limited, resulting in low collected fee and unfair condition to toll payers.

Previously Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang, who is chairman of the Central Road Maintenance Fund Management Council, had proposed the Government to halt collection of road maintenance fee on motorbikes from January 2016 for low effectiveness and unsuitable ways of the toll’s collection.

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By T. Trinh – Translated by Hai Mien

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