Fire destroys 1,000 s.q meter workshop in Binh Duong ​

A blaze occurred at Binh Nham Packaging Company in Thuan An town of Binh Duong Province this morning.


Firefighters are trying to control the blaze

Firefighters are trying to control the blaze

Workers said they saw smoke rising and heard an explosion in the 1,000sq meter wood workshop and then the flames quickly spread out and covered all areas of workshop.

Fire spread to coffee shop and destroyed the neighbor’s 400sq meter mushroom growing house.

Binh Duong’s Firefighting department sent 10 fire trucks and dozens of firefighters to the scene to control the fire from spreading to surrounding areas and till 10am today, the fire was extinguished.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

XUAN TRUNG –Translated by T.Tran

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