Five fishing boats burst into flames in Khanh Hoa Province

Five fishing boats hired by the Dai Duong Seafood Trading Company, suddenly burst into flames while anchored at Hon Ro fishing port in Nha Trang City of Khanh Hoa Province on May 10.

File photo shows a fishing boat brust into flames when it was anchored in Han River (Photo:Tuoi tre)

The boats with all their fishing equipment were completely burnt down.

Firefighters from Khanh Hoa Province took three hours to bring the fire under control.

According to the Management Committee of the Hon Ro fishing port, since 2009 they boats were being used to haul and sell bluefin tuna. However, a while back because the company was losing money it stopped running the boats and kept them anchored at port.

Police are investigating the cause of the fire.

By V.Ngoc – Translated by T.Huong

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