Free bus information via Zalo in Da Nang City

Da Nang Center of Public Service (1022) has just launched the feature to browse bus routes through Zalo app or SMS in order to help Da Nang citizens in managing their travel more quickly and conveniently.
Accordingly, when receiving information on users’ departure and destination points, the system will automatically provide necessary bus stops, route numbers and possible time consistent with the optimal calculated route so that users can actively catch their buses.
To access this free service, users have to check “Interested in Official Account” of “Da Nang 1022 Centre” in Zalo app, then choose “Look up” and the feature “Bus routes” or “Buses coming to terminals” to find information they need.
Users can also look up bus routes via SMS sent to 8188 Center with the text BUS departure-terminal
To find information on busses which are about to reach their stops, users can text either of these: BUS MT  - station code or BUS  name.
The People’s Committee of Dong Nai Province and the Ministry of Health have already approved Zalo as their official channel to deliver information as well as process administrative procedures.
In Dong Nai, citizens can receive electronic receipt through Zalo right after submitting their documents. Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City - University of Information Technology (UIT) has considered Zalo as an important channel to interact with its students.

By TAN BA - Translated by THANH TAM

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