FrieslandCampina Vietnam receives Labor Medal First Class

FrieslandCampina Vietnam Company was awarded the Labor Medal First Class for its achievements during 20 years.

The company has developed husbandry and dairy industry buying milk from 4,000 farms to produce 1  billion milk products a year. It has developed brand names Dutch Lady, Friso, and Yomost. It efforts to create environmentally friendly products; accordingly, it has reduced 15 percent of using energy. 25 percent of water source and down 40 percent of CO2 emissions into the environment compared to 2010.

Additionally, the company offered free dairy products to students contributing to the national nutrition program.

Moreover, the Dutch Lady’s “ Den don dom” (Firefly Lantern) social program to keep poor children from dropping out of school by giving scholarships to over 25,000 students has constructed 20 new schools in rural areas to create a better learning and teaching environment for children and teachers across the country.

Its program to provide free milk products to students and offering cow to help poor farmers  have greatly contributed to the society.

By Dang Lam – translated by Anh Quan

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