Fruit prices soar as demand increases for prayer worship

While purchasing power for several other commodities is still slow, a variety of fruits that are in huge demand for prayer worship are seeing prices sky rocket suddenly.

Mango, dragon fruit and tangerines are the three fruits selling like hot cakes as people make offerings of them on altars. Tet specialties like confectionaries, cylindrical glutinous rice cakes increased 30 percent compared to normal days.

This year, growers of decorative plants were shocked as purchasing power for these plants decreased drastically. Consequently, they sold at bargain rates. Price of flowers such as chrysanthemum, cockscomb, marigold slumped by 50 percent.

Supermarkets are flooded with Vietnamese made commodities yet enterprises said purchasing power remained very slow as economic woes and long holidays resulted in people leaving the City.

Many supermarkets opened early on the third day of Lunar Year, February 12, to serve the demand for fresh food, vegetables and fruits.

By T. Hai - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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