German NGO supports Vietnamese AO victims

A German organization, Solidarity Service International (SODI), hosted a campaign at the Brandenburg Gate August 10 to collect signatures for a petition to support Vietnamese Agent Orange (AO) victim’s fight for justice. 

Vietnamese Ambassador Do Hoa Binh (Fourth R) and German activists hold a banner in front of the Brandenburg Gate to call for more support for Vietnamese AO victims August 10 (Photo: SODI official website)
The campaign also welcomed the Vietnamese ambassador in Germany, Do Hoa Binh.
On the Monday, SODI held various activities, including distributing fliers, presenting a placard, with 20,000 signatures from people all over the world, demanding compensation from U.S. chemical companies involved in producing the chemical weapon in Vietnam.

SODI has called on more support for Vietnamese AO victims.
SODI staged a skit about the cooperation among the U.S. chemical companies in raising their income no matter the damage caused to the Vietnamese.
The campaign received much media coverage from various German newspapers and television stations.

Solidarity Service International, originally known as Solidaritätsdienst-international, is an NGO that works for world peace and justice.

Since 1990, SODI has carried out 800 humanitarian projects, worth US$77.8 million, in many countries. 

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Source: VNA – Translated by Truong Son

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