Global Women Summit Closes

The Global Summit of Women was wrapped up in Ha Noi on June 7 with host Viet Nam ’s commitment to join in the global fight against cervical and other cancers for women.

The commitment was made by Minister of Health Nguyen Quoc Trieu, who strongly supported an initiative to build a global alliance of women leaders in the fight against cervical cancer, which was raised at the last year summit in Germany .

“ Viet Nam will do its utmost to contribute to the global efforts in eliminating the cervical and other cancers in women,” pledged the health sector chief.

Deputy Chair of the Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tran Thi Thuy said the Vietnamese delegation also raised a number of initiatives to increase women’s roles in poverty alleviation, economic development and gender equality

Thuy, who is also head of the organising board, said the presence of almost 700 foreign delegates from over 70 countries and territories the world over was evidence of great interest by global women in general and businesswomen in particular to the event and their love of Viet Nam.

In reply, Summit President Irene Natividad appreciated the host country’s organising work. She added that the three-day event raised 30,000 USD in relief aid to victims of cyclone Nargis in Myanmar and earthquakes in China . Of the amount, the Tan Tao Investment Company of Vietnam alone donated US$10,000, praised Irene.

The next summit is scheduled to convene in Chile in 2009.

Source: VNA

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