Gold digger claims to find King Ham Nghi’s treasure

A gold digger in the central region’s Quang Binh Province recently announced he has discovered a treasure belonging to King Ham Nghi from Vietnam’s last ruling family – Nguyen Dynasty (1802–1945).

Nguyen Hong Cong, who has spent nearly 30 years looking for gold from the emperor in Quang Binh, has sent a statement to the province authorities reporting his discovery in the mountains district Minh Hoa.

After many years studying and searching, “now I myself have decoded everything and find out the place that keeps the treasure of King Ham Nghi,” Cong said in the statement.

He said the finding cost him nearly 30 years and almost VND2 billion (US$96,360), thus he asked the province authorities to let him have 20 percent of the treasure value, instead of ten percent according to a province regulation.

The explorer also asked for guard and supervision in 15 days following the publication of his statement and said that he would take responsibility if his discovery is wrong.

There’s no official response from Quang Binh authorities to Cong’s statement. Yet an official from the province People’s Committee told the Sai Gon Giai Phong on the phone that they would check the information.

King Ham Nghi was the eighth emperor of the dynasty. He reigned for only one year from 1884 to – 1885. Most cities in Vietnam have streets named after him.

Reported by M.Phong – Translated by Thuy Minh

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