Government announces 20 goods, services under state monopoly

The Government has issued Decree 94/2017 on state trade monopoly in 20 goods and services relating to national defense, security, national interests and those which other economic sectors have no need or ability to participate in trading.

Railway is one of state monopoly trading field

Railway is one of state monopoly trading field

State agencies will directly keep monopoly in trading 20 goods and services or authorize organizations or individuals to do that. The authorization must be approved in writing by leaders of the agencies.
State monopoly trading must be implemented under the supervision of authorized agencies as per the law.
The decree clarifies that ministries, ministry level agencies and governments of all provinces and cities are not entitled to issue regulations on operations, goods, services and areas of state monopoly trading.
The trading of goods and services serving national defense and security listed in state monopoly will be implemented according to instructions by the Minister of Public Security or the Minister of Defense.
The State would hold a monopoly in trading 20 goods and services for the purpose of national defense; production, purchase, sale, import and export of industrial explosives; gold bullion production; export and import of raw gold to produce gold bullions and lottery issue.
They also cover tobacco import (except import for duty free trading); management, import, export, purchase, sale, preservation, protection of goods under national reserve list; money printing and minting; issue of Vietnam’s postage stamps; production, purchase, sale, import, export, transport and storage of fireworks and relevant services.
In addition, there are transmission and regulation of national power grid; construction and operation of multi purpose hydropower and nuclear power projects significantly meaningful to economics and society; public services to ensure maritime safety; public services on coastal information.
Others include services to ensure flight operations; management and exploitation of railway infrastructure; interprovincial and inter district irrigation systems and sea dykes; supply of forestry services in special used forests; publishing not including printing and release; management, maintenance and exploitation of public postal networks and public service supply in press release activities.

By PHAN THAO – Translated by Hai Mien

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