Government web portal opens

The opening of the Government Web Portal not only reflects the maturity of the portal but also marks a new advance of the e-government, making an important contribution to the country’s administrative reform process.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Government Web Portal in Hanoi on October 10, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung stated that the Party and State always consider information technology and communication one of the important means of science and technology and a key economic sector to implement Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), build an information society and speed up the national industrialisation and modernisation.

Over the past years, the Government has issued many policies and mechanisms and focused all resources to develop IT and communication, including the strong development of the Internet, websites and web portals, helping transfer information resources between state agencies and the society, improve the effectiveness of the socio-economic system and the material and spiritual lives of people as well as maintain economic growth and speed up the international integration, he said.

According to the PM, the Government Website, now the Government Web Portal, meets the indispensable and objective demand of the life and the national development in the new period.

With four years of building and development, the Government Web Portal has become the Government’s official information providing channel on the Internet, effectively serving the management of the Government and the Prime Minister, bringing about many conveniences to people and businesses and creating a close online bridge between the Government and people.

To accelerate the IT application and development in Party and State agencies and socio-economic sectors, PM Dung asked the Government Office and the Government Web Portal to closely coordinate with relevant ministries and localities to improve the quality of the portal.

In 2008, the Government Web Portal posted on the Internet nearly 10,000 news and articles, more than 2,000 photos, 3,000 legal documents and over 2,000 government documents, according to Chairman of the Government Office Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

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