Gov't rejects rumor of medications for African Swine Fever

Associate Pham Ngoc Thach from the Vietnam Agriculture Institute said that no scientific research has proved pink Himalayan salt can cure diseases on human and animals, affirming businesses boasted the product to sell it.

Pink Hymalayan salt is advertised to cure ASF

Pink Hymalayan salt is advertised to cure ASF

Meanwhile the rapid spread of African Swine Fever has troubled scientists and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development because there has been no vaccine against the disease, an ads on social network has lately announced that pink Himalayan salt can cure the disease, confusing breeders.
Specifically, through Facebook, some people shared an information that their pigs were cured with the salt.
Another Facebook account cited that many farm owners in the northern province of Thai Binh’s Vu Thu district mixed the salt in feed for pigs and they were successful in curing the animal.
Authorities have tracked the address and telephone number on the ads, finding that these are stores to sell pink Himalayan salt in the central city of Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. Each 1 kg box of salt is presently sold at VND75,000.

By PHUC HAU - Translated by DAN THUY

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