Gov’t to grant further bauxite permits

Further permits will be granted to Vietnam Coal and Mineral Industry Group (Vinacomin) for exploring unexploited bauxite under the Nhan Co and Tan Rai projects. The exploration will assess potential mining for this kind of natural resource, said the Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai recently.

View of the area where the Nhan Co Aluminum Plant will be built in Dak R’lap District, Dac Nong Province (Photo: Tuoi Tre Online)

Assessing the results of initial exploitation of bauxite ores, based on the instructions of the Prime Minister and the Politburo, Mr Hai asserted that many works have been done already.

Specifically, the ministries, said Mr Hai, have made estimates of funds to be needed for the approved adjusted planning and drafts of fundamental reports on assessment of harmful effects to the environment.

Also completed, said Mr. Hai, were reports on the resettlement of families that will be required to be moved to give way for the projects.

Relevant authorities have also established a council responsible for evaluating the designs of mud reservoirs and built an environmental observation station in the region, added Mr. Hai.

At present, the ministries are making land use plans and reports on preparation for the construction of infrastructure, including roads, railways and ports to serve the prospective transportation of aluminum, he said.

For tasks in the coming future, the Deputy Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Industry and Trade to instruct Vinacomin to assess the efficiency of the two projects and submit the related reports to Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for consideration.

He instructed the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to review Vinacomin’s assessment reports as soon as possible once it has been completed and submitted to the ministry.

Mr. Hai asserted that the Government will issue further permits to Vinacomin for exploring the reserves of unexploited bauxite ores under Nhan Co and Tan Rai projects in Dac Nong and Lam Dong respectively.

The exploration will be carried out step-by-step, emphasized Mr Hai when discussing Vinacomin’s exploitation and production capacity.

The Ministry of Police was asked to review formalities and overcome obstacles related to issuing visas to foreign workers to enter the country.

The Deputy PM requested the Ministry of Planning and Investment to work with the Ministry of Finance to prioritize needed funds to the Ministry of Industry and Trade so that it can carry out the adjustment of the planning in a timely manner.

As to the Tan Rai project, the Prime Minster instructed Vinacomin to organize tenders for the building of the selecting and washing plant, and rapidly complete the paperwork for exploitation license application.

It was also asked to complete the designs for mud reservoirs, push up the compensation payment and set up a forestry – biology organization to make investigations into regional vegetation to ensure that the environment will be able to revert to its original state once the mining is over.

As to the Nhan Co Project, the Deputy PM requested Vinacomin to recalculate the project’s total investment funds, review its economic efficiency and submit reports on assessment of harmful effects to the environment to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in a timely manner.

Vinacomin is responsible for working with the Ministry of Transport to make plans for the building of systems of roads, railroad and sea ports in line with the bauxite production development programs. It is also in charge of recruiting and training local workers to work on the project, added Mr. Hai. 

By L. Nguyen – Translated by Phuong Lan

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