Ha Tinh authority gives 605 tons of rice to fishermen, residents affected by mass fish death

Authority of the central province of Ha Tinh gave more than 605 tons of rice to fishermen and residents who are facing difficulties in the wake of the unexplained deaths of fish in the region.

Until May 4, over 594.5 tons of rice was given to residents in Ky Anh Town. The province authority also bought 132.2 tons of fish for fishermen in order to guarantee their life and stabilize social order.

On the same day on May 4, the Department of Health in Ha Tinh Province said that the Vietnam Administration of Food announced that tests on fish taken from the sea where fish have died showed that the content of heavy metals in 16 samples is still in allowable limit.

Before, on May 2, the Department of Food Safety and Hygiene in Ha Tinh took 16 samples of sea animal including five fishes, one shrimp, and one cuttle from Con Go Market and seven fishes, one crab and one cuttle from Thach Kim Market for testing.

The Department will continue taking samples of sea animals for testing and will publicly announce the result.

By Duong Quang-Translated by Anh Quan

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