Ha Tinh Province Witnesses Boom of Illegal Exploitation of Manganese

The illegal exploitation and trading of Manganese is reported to have recently surged in such districts as Duc Loc, Loc Ha and Can Loc in Ha Tinh, a province on the North Central Coast of Viet Nam.

An illegal manganese exploitation site in Ha Tinh Province

Manganese ores are mainly concentrated in a some wards and districts in Ha Tinh including Duc Loc, Loc Ha and Can Loc. Many ores are open-cast mines located in the local people’s gardens.

Taking advantage of loose management strategies of the municipal and relevant authorities, local dwellers illegally exploited the metal to sell to traders from other provinces. In Tan Loc Commune of the Loc Ha District, magnates have joined hands with the local people using trucks to clear the way to the source of Khe Hao lake where they used excavators to dig up manganese from the earth.

In Nha Loc and Phu Loc Communes, mountains Tro Lao and Vuc Trong have been sapped by illegal exploiters.

In note, a kilo of illegally exploited manganese is sold by local people to traders at VND 100,000 per tonne.

By M. Phong – Translated by Phuong Lan

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