HCMC Authorities to Form Police Task Force

A Police Task Force will be officially established in HCMC next month to maintain social safety and order and to cope with the increase in crimes in local communities.

Colonel Phan Anh Minh, Vice Manager of the HCMC Police Department and Head of the HCMC Police Force.

The public has shown concern in the increasing number of gold shop robberies lately. According to Colonel Phan Anh Minh, Vice Manager of the HCMC Police Department and Head of the HCMC Police Force, there are three causes which have lead to the robberies: robbers learn robbery tactics from robbery incidents shown on televisions and newspapers, people are still incautious in protecting their property, and the authorities have ineffectively managed weapons. The Police Task Force will be established as an urgent measure to remediate the situation.

Different from the 113 Police Force, in charge of immediately reacting to incidents after receiving calls from local hotlines, the Police Task Force’s main duties are to patrol local neighborhoods 24/7 to prevent crimes, to carry out surprise searches on suspects, and to capture said suspects, Colonel Minh said.

The Police Task Force’s personnel are selected from the PC14 Department (the former Criminal Investigation Police Department). Those chosen must be commissioned officers, under the age of 30 who are willing to live in a team, ready to take round-the-clock action, good at handling guns, transportation means, and communication devices. They must know martial arts and have good eyesight and powers of observation. For such a high risk job, single men are preferred.

Police Task Force personnel are equipped with modern weapons and may fire at suspects in urgent situations. No uniform is needed – personnel will use civilian clothes with some specific details for identification when carrying out the tasks.

Colonel Minh also expressed his hope to receive the public’s cooperation in crime prevention, discovering and capturing suspects for the sake of social safety.

Previously, there was an organization in charge of such tasks, called the “Robber Hunting Force.”

By P.T – Translated by Khanh Hong

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