Hospitals propose a fee hike

A suggestion to increase hospital fees to raise the quality of treatment was proposed even though this fee hike will lead to a surge in insurance payments.

This problem was put forward at a meeting to review the medical task force in Hanoi on April 14. Some hospitals proposed to go hi-tech with services to improve the quality of treatment while representatives from the insurance company thought this would also raise the insurance costs as well.

Nguyen Minh Thao, deputy director of Vietnam Insurance Company, said health insurance fees must be adjusted in case medical fees are increased or else it will become difficult to calculate expenses. Furthermore, the government should transfer state budget money, provided annually to public hospitals, to support patients in order to reduce their medical burden.

Presently the insurance company is spending more than 70 percent on treatment and examination services and is therefore facing financial difficulties.

By Ng. Quoc - Translated by Nha Tran

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