Illegal raised bears in Quang Ninh transported to Tam Dao National Park

The Vietnam Bear Rescue Center and the Animals Asia Foundation said that a massive campaign to rescue bear in Ha Long City in the northern province of Quang Ninh are being conducted, aiming to move bears to the center in Tam Dao National Park in the northern province of Vinh Phuc.

After many negotiations with bear farm owners, the bear rescue movement is under the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and local government.

The Animals Asia Foundation started the one-week campaign  from June 23 to move bears which are illegally raised in farm in the province. The campaign also marks an end to illicit bear raising in Quang Ninh Province to extract bile on a regular basis, which is considered as traditional medicine.

By June 24, 4 bears out of 14 bears which were raised in 10 farms in Quang Ninh were transported from Ha Long City to Tam Dao National Park. They are named Que (Cinnamon), Bach Chi (Angielica) – the name of two traditional herbs amongst 32 herbs that can replace bear gall, Hoa Binh (Shanti), and Tinh Yeu (Cinta)

Vets and employees in the Vietnam Bear Rescue Center were checking their health.

It is expected by August, Quang Ninh will not have illegally raised bear for bile extraction industry in order to preserve the rare animal

According to the Agriculture and Rural Development, by March, 2015 around 700 bears died since 2014 and the country has around 1,245 raised bears.

By Phuc Hau – translated by Anh Quan

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