Indiscriminate sale of weapons on Internet: a social threat

Indiscriminate sale of weapons and military equipment on the Internet are a threat to society and against the law in Vietnam.

Weapons advertised on the Internet, can only lead to their misuse (Photo: SGGP)

A website on the Internet offers from bullet-proof helmets and vests, to toxic masks and target lens for gun barrels. Most popular of all items advertised on such websites are an assortment of guns used for various sports, rubber bullet guns, tear gas guns, dust shots, etc.
Moreover, websites advertise that anyone who wants to buy a unique item other than those available on the website must place orders a few days in advance for delivery.

Customers will then order through a post office address or a middleman.

However, to receive items customers must pay 50 per cent advance deposit by transferring money into a given account.

One company even advertises that it can sells guns and military equipments on wholesale. The Q.H. Company boasts on its website that it can sell commodities like teargas-shells, lead bullets and uranium bullets, saying that if customers buy a handgun model Glog 9 MM, Glog M88, full-sized military rifle calibers and other such guns, the company will offer extra accessories free with the purchase.

The Q.H. Company even advertised that it can apply for a gun licence for its clients after purchase of the gun.

Related management agencies should take strict measures to curb such websites from misusing the Internet, as such free and unchecked sale of guns and military equipment can only lead to their misuse in society.

By Manh Hoa - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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