Int’l Conference on Viet Nam’s Economic Policy Opens

A business roundtable with the Government of Viet Nam opened in Ha Noi on January 8, with the participation of more than 500 domestic and foreign companies. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and many senior Vietnamese officials attended the important event.

The conference serves as a forum for the Government to introduce its policies to foreign companies which are investing or plan to invest in Viet Nam, as well as to receive feedbacks from them.

Under the theme of “Viet Nam: Asia’s Rising Star,” the two-day business roundtable include a discussion between representatives from the Government and high level executives from global companies, a meeting between foreign and domestic entrepreneurs and an awards granting ceremony.

Viet Nam was considered one of the most dynamic economies in Asia, with an average economic growth of over 8 percent over the past three years.

Justin Wood, an expert on Southeast Asia from “The Economist,” said Viet Nam’s economic growth is positive and the rate it recorded in 2007 will be maintained in the coming years.

Source: VNA

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