Labor exports: Vietnamese authorities look to expand work market

Although Vietnam has entered into labor cooperation agreements with some 50 countries, potential migrants still aim at other foreign markets with higher pay and lower skill requirements, which has made gov’t agencies consider further negotiations with such nations.

Workers receive proper training before getting sent abroad

Workers receive proper training before getting sent abroad

The idea was proposed in a conference by Deputy Head of Bac Giang National Assembly Delegation Tran Van Lam, who also drew attention to the role of immigration companies in consulting migrants.

“Immigration service providers are strongly encouraged to research promising markets and do what they can to help workers gain easier access to them”, he stated.

Agreeing with Lam’s idea, President of HCMC Labor Union Tran Thi Dieu Thuy added that in order to aid these businesses, law makers must strive to minimize exploitable loopholes in the now outdated immigration regulations and focus on proper enforcement.

Thuy also suggested putting emphasis on local authorities’ involvement in teaching the public on immigration, as one of the main reasons migrants turn to illegal gateways is the lack of creditable information.

As a matter of fact, the problem regarding ill-informed workers was highlighted many times by multiple officials, including Deputy Director of Department of Overseas Labor Nguyen Gia Liem and Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Committee on Social Issues Bui Sy Loi.

They agreed that workers should educate themselves on the subject to not fall victim to shady immigration agents that approach them.

“Immigrants are advised to search for legally established immigration services for their own safety first and foremost, and for a good foundation that will earn them work visas more easily”, Liem said.

He also mentioned that workers should train themselves in foreign language and skills for legitimate careers as the UK currently does not grant access to Vietnamese looking for unskilled labors.

Another problem lies within a common practice where overseas Vietnamese who already gained citizenship would help their family get visitor visa, then try to keep them at the destination country after said visa expire, shared Chairman of Ha Tinh Farmers Association Tran Dinh Gia.

A solution Gia suggested was to have former overseas dwellers share their experience and hardship when migrating illegally.

Finally, the recent Essex lorry incident has proven the existence of a human trafficking ring on an int’l level, said Standing Member of National Assembly's Finance and Budget Committee Le Thanh Van.

He called attention to the flawed management at lower levels and the authorities’ late prevention that possibly led to this tragic event, and urged them to better instruct the citizens.

By staff writers - Translated by Tan Nghia

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