Lack of Public Transit Costs City VND3.5 Trillion a Year

Relying on motorcycles for transportation as opposed to public transit costs the city VND3 trillion (US$218 million) a year, according to a report by Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic University.

The number of motorbikes on city's roads is expected to rise by 300,000-350,000.

Public transport within the city is undeveloped and the use of motorbikes and cars is increasing quickly, said Dr. Pham Xuan Mai, a professor at the university.

The city currently has 4.3 million vehicles, 79 percent of which are motorbikes, 8 percent bicycles, 4.5 percent buses, 3.6 percent pedicabs, 2.4 percent taxis, and 1.4 percent cars.

Results of research on An Suong – Cong Hoa – Bach Dang quay show that the city’s motorbikes use 1.6 million liters a year, or 77 percent of total fuel use. By comparison, buses use 3 percent, cars 20 percent, and taxies use 0.01 percent.

The number of motorbikes on city's roads is expected to rise by 300,000-350,000, or 10-12 percent, a year.

Last year, there were two city residents for each motorbike. Now there are 1.5 residents per motorbike and streets are increasingly congested.

Poor infrastructure is causing traffic jams and flooding and is also wasting money, time and fuel to meet the needs of only 7 percent of residents.

The government must adopt measures such as limiting the import and production of motorbikes, restricting the use of this from of transport in cities nationwide, and encouraging people to use public transportation in order to save money, time, and fuel.

By Ai Van – Translated by Kim Khanh

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