Lawmakers discuss bill on bank deposit insurance

(Image for illustration) Filling in a bank deposit slip

Individual customers, not corporate ones, would be allowed to receive claim money on bank deposit insurance in Vietnamese dong but not in foreign currencies, according to a bill discussed by the National Assembly Standing Committee on Wednesday.

The fourth session of the NA Standing Committee started in Hanoi Tuesday and discussed some drafted laws Wednesday, including the bill.

Regarding how much money an individual customer would be allowed to claim back from a bank deposit, the economic board of the National Assembly proposed the Prime Minister to regulate periodically based on suggestions from the State Bank of Vietnam.

“But the new law should include the caps in line with regional common standards and international practices,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Giau, head of the economic board.

Regarding the bill on anti money laundering, NA deputies agreed that the new law could help in sustainable development amidst international commitments.

During the sitting, the NA Standing Committee will discuss two thematic topics on the implementation of legal regulations on issuing legal documents by People’s Councils and People’s Committees.

By Anh Thu, translated by Nga Tran

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