Le Minh Xuan IP Continues Discharge of Untreated Effluents

The third inspection of the year, by a team with Nguyen Trung Tin, deputy chairman of the HCMC People’s Committee in the lead, found the Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park engaged in continued environmental pollution.

The inspection team oversees an IP's  wastewater resevoir

The dense, stagnant and blackened wastewater in the canal No. 8 close to the walls of the IP gave out a disgusting smell. Pouring from a drain-pipe into of the canal was a flow of blackened liquid emanating a strong chemical odor.

The leader of the IP told the inspection team that it was a drain-pipe carrying rain water, not wastewater.

To get at the truth, the team followed the drain-pipe to two cement underground reservoirs some 200 meters away where the treated wastewater was kept before being dumped into the canal.

A noxious smell filled the air when the slabs of the reservoirs were opened. The liquid in the reservoirs was thick and black. The leader of the IP had little choice but to confess that the reservoirs contained untreated wastewater from a textile company.

He also confessed that there were two enterprises that had not yet connected their wastewater discharge system with the IP’s wastewater treatment plant, and surmised that some investors had illegally dumped untreated wastewater directly into the canal.

The IP’s wastewater treatment facility, with a capacity of 5,600 cubic meters per day, was still in operation.

The deputy chairman blamed weak management by the IP authorities for the ongoing environmental violations. He instructed the IP’s management board to the find out who had illegally discharged their untreated wastewater into the environment. Any enterprise that had not yet connected their wastewater discharge system with the IP’s wastewater treatment plant must do so within three months, he directed.

Tin also instructed the Department of Agricultural and Rural Development to work with the Binh Chanh District People’s Committee to have the bed of canal No. 8 dredged in one month. 

By Lac Phong – Translated by Phuong Lan

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