Letters of Viet Nam Women’s Union to Korean Authorities

Chairwoman of the Viet Nam Women’s Union Ha Thi Khiet on behalf of the Viet Nam Women’s Union sent letters to Korean authorities on April 27, requesting them to intervene and have appropriate solutions to the Chosun Ilbo national daily’s series chronicles on Vietnamese women’s marriages to Korean men. 

Ha Thi Khiet, Chairwoman of the Viet Nam Women's Union.

The letter expressed Vietnamese people's, especially women’s widespread anger about the article “Vietnamese virgins coming to Korea - a nation of hope”, published on the Chosun Ilbo national daily of the RoK on April 21, 2006. It was an insult to Vietnamese women, human dignity and human rights, particularly those Vietnamese women married to Korean men. 

In Viet Nam, love and voluntary marriages to foreign men of Vietnamese women are protected by the law. With a mission of protecting the rights and welfare of overseas and local Vietnamese women, the Union always protects and helps female victims of any forms of woman trading.

Therefore, activities relating to illegal marriage go-between, violating ethics and laws, must be condemned and punished.

It is highly appreciated that some organizations and individuals in the RoK, among whom are overseas Vietnamese students, have voiced their protest against the irresponsibility and indifference of the chronicles.

In order for this problem not to repeat, despite the Korean Embassy in Ha Noi has relayed the Chosun daily’s apology to Vietnamese people, we need to have the support and cooperation from authorities, organizations and individuals in the RoK who will raise their voice to protect the proper rights of Vietnamese women in the RoK and condemn all violations of Vietnamese women’s human dignity and rights.

Also, authorities and social organizations of the two countries need to cooperate to solve the basic and long-term problems, ensuring human dignity and happiness for the Vietnamese women married to Korean men.

The letter was sent to the Gender Equality Ministry of the RoK, Asian Female Inventors Association, Dasi Hamkle Center, Asian Women’s Hotline, Korean Women's Development Institute (KWDI), and Korean Women Entrepreneurs Association.

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Source: TT - Translated by Yen Chuong

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